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Odoo ERP - Award winning Business management software

Using Excel to store clients, quotes and orders?

Is existing info being re-typed again and again?

Could you get any info required easily, from anywhere?

Can you get up to the minute reports on sales & orders, etc?

In most environments today we find a host of tools being used to manage business processes along the way. These information stores are usually very separate from each other and difficult to get meaningful knowledge out of. Isn't there a better way? 

Of course there is. Large corporations know these systems as Enterprise Resource Planning systems, or, ERP. Typically ERP systems have a price tag that is even difficult for big, wealthy companies to budget for and the risk of failure is very serious. 


Wyred IT is driven by a strong passion for, and a successful background in, process automation and in increasing systems efficiency. This means that no cost is spared in finding the best tools for the job. 

With that we would like to introduce possibly the most effective system we have worked with to date. Not only is it feature rich and easy to use, but being an opensource application platform, it provides value for money like nothing we have seen before. Follow this link to the developer website


Wyred offers use of this system either on-line or in-house, as well as customisation and training to your individual needs

Features include:


  • Cloud based
  • Contact / customer database with easy searching and categorisation
  • Customer Tracking / Contact manager
  • User defined fields
  • Lead logging, manual or automated via email address
  • Opportunity logging and tracking
  • Quote creation, sending and tracking
  • Sales software for quotes and order tracking
  • Online accounting includes fast Invoicing and tracking
  • Payment logging
  • Mass mailing
  • Sharing and collaboration
  • After sales help desk and claims
  • Ordering, purchase management and supplier invoices
  • Warehousing
  • Manufacturing
  • Point of sale
  • Dashboards and reports
  • Much much more






  • Improve turn-around times with access your customer database from anywhere, PC, Phone or tablet
  • Enhance sales efforts and closing ratios with lead, opportunity and sales tracking management
  • Improve lead follow up by catching interest formally from your website
  • Make communication more effective with team and clients
  • Quote faster and thus increase sales capacity
  • Increase control on sales with quote tracking and follow up
  • Speed up [quote - to order - to invoice] process
  • Track outstanding invoices better by allowing sales people to log payments
  • Give sales people visibility to unpaid invoices while selling to existing clients
  • Increase brand power and sales with newsletters directly from your database
  • Tighten your team with internal messaging
  • Increase customer satisfaction with after sales services
  • Improve decision making ability with reports and dashboards